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Hi, Welcome

… to StoWs Window Cleaning, the premier window cleaning service in parts of both London & Essex.

When I (Marc StoW – Owner & Single Operator) started Stows way back in 2006, the most important thing to me was ensuring that your windows weren’t just clean but what I’ve now coined StoW Clean.

StoW Clean is a clean that you will notice. Everyone notices when they’re windows are filthy with dust, dirt & grease but few realise the difference in having professionally clean windows.

StoW Clean gives you; really clean windows, inside & out, that you can be proud of.

As a service provider I am not the cheapest, I may not even be the most expensive but like every other luxury in life Stows Window Cleaning service is worth the wait & the results are exceptional.

Being established for many years with a loyal customer base means that I do sometimes have a waiting list for new clients, however please get in touch & I’ll let you know my availability.

Residential Window Cleaning

Whether you reside in a large detached property or a small flat, you can be confident to trust StoWs Window Cleaning to keep your windows looking beautiful with a large loyal customer base as my credibility. Having clean windows makes a huge difference, the StoW Clean really is like no other. Prices Start from only £15.

Commercial Window Cleaning

Although only a single operator, StoWs Window Cleaning has a rich history within the local commercial sector, ranging from schools, private residential blocks, children nurseries, local manufacturing companies & a well known private hospital. Despite my strong resume I specialise in family run, owner operated businesses. For a no cost quote please get in touch. With years of experience in commercial window cleaning & I can advise appropriately based on your requirements.

Gutter Clearing

Clearing gutters or cleaning gutters? For me cleaning a gutter is cleaning the outer side of the gutter, pleasing on the eye but does not improve the functionality. If they are not attended to properly, at some point or another you may begin to experience irreversible damage. Keeping gutters clear is extremely important & many people only hire help when a problem has developed, ranging from blockages to damp on external walls. StoWs WIndow Cleaning offer a service which ensures that your gutters do what they’re supposed to and that’s giving you peace of mind. Prices start from only £45.00

Christmas Light Hire

Illuminate your home this Christmas without any of the hassle thanks to StoWs Window Cleaning. I specialise in hanging lights along your gutters, but also have illuminated, shrubs, trees & balconies. Hire – Install – Remove all for a single fee. Prices start from only £60.00

StowS Window Cleaning

StoWs Enterprise Ltd
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